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Joined: 06 Apr 2002
Posts: 9962

PostPosted: Sunday 6 March 2005 11:17:16 Reply with quoteBack to top

Gimp 2.2.4 Out

Disponibles depuis quelques jours, les binaires Windows sont livrés avec une nouvelle version de GTK2, la version 2.6.2

Encore une fois, il s'agit d'une version corrigeant des bugs et améliorant sensiblement l'ergonomie.

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.4
- fixed an out-of-bounds read access in the Edge plug-in (bug #164963)
- limit aspect ratio in crop tool to sane values (bug #164827)
- fixed indexed conversion on floating selections (bug #165342)
- fixed button order in resize and scale dialogs
- improved handling of UNC paths on Windows
- fixed crash in winicon save plug-in (bug #162742)
- fixed image types registration for some python plug-ins (bug #1666650)
- workaround problems with font names ending in numbers (bug #166540)
- show clone source when cloning from a different image (bug #167002)
- corrected coordinate limits in New Guide script (bug #167529)
- fixed crash in gradient editor (bug #167604)
- don't give keyboard focus to combo boxes in image window (bug #167809)
- fixed saving of MNG files with negative layer offsets (bug #166059)
- fixed use of the text tool on floating selections (bug #166829)
- don't create duplicate templates when migrating user settings (bug #167893)
- let the py-slice script ignore out-of-bounds guides (bug #167843)
- store thumbnails in temporary folder if no valid home directory exists
(bug #167973)
- fixed Emboss plug-in for small images (bug #168022)
- avoid crashes in toolbox size allocation code (bug #162500)
- switch from display-wide grab to application-wide grab while tool
actions are being performed (bug #162823)

Je n'ai pas encore eu l'occasion de tester cette version sous Windows, mais vu la qualité des précédentes, il n'y a pas de raison que ça s'empire.
La seule faiblesse pourrait être le changement de version majeure de GTK, espérons que cette version soit aussi bonne, voir meilleure que la 2.4.

Comme d'habitude, le site officiel:

Pour Windows:
(Installez GTK 2.6.2 puis Gimp 2.2.4)

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Joined: 06 Apr 2002
Posts: 9962

PostPosted: Monday 11 April 2005 17:54:30 Reply with quoteBack to top

Gimp 2.2.6 Out

C'est dans l'allégresse générale et après quelques loooongues semaines d'attente que le meilleur logiciel (libre) de retouche d'image nous arrive en version 2.2.6

Pour changer, il s'agit d'une version visant à corriger les quelques (rares) bugs restant.
Pour briser la monotonie, on passe de la 2.2.4 à la version 2.2.6 (quelle bande de déconneurs alors...)

Changes in GIMP 2.2.6
- reverted change to the print plug-in (see bug #169909)

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.5
- fixed double-click behaviour of GimpButton
- properly handle 302 redirect output from wget in URL plug-in (bug #168322)
- fixed loading of layer masks in PSD plug-in (bug #166976)
- fixed bugs in PSD save plug-in (bugs #167139 and #121871)
- fixed Reset in Scale and Resize dialogs (bug #169011)
- fixed filename encoding issues when loading Script-Fu scripts (bug #165002)
- fixed i18n build quirks (bug #169274)
- improve autoscrolling with tablets in Windows (bug #167960)
- fixed setup of size entries in tool-options (bug #169066)
- when opening images as layers, do it interactively (bug #168936)
- fixed precondition checks in gimp_drawable_transform_scale (bug #170195)
- fixed handling of resolution unit in Print Size dialog (bug #170200)
- disable "gtk-alternative-button-order" setting because our code
doesn't honor it (bug #170543)
- fixed behaviour of selection tool when dragging from top-right (bug #143887)
- speed up conversion of grayscale images to indexed colors (bug #170801)
- fixed bug in grayscale to indexed color conversion (bug #170825)
- don't offer empty palettes for conversion to indexed color (bug #170973)
- disable search in container tree-views since it interferes with global
accelerators (bug #169339)
- corrected mousewheel section of default controllerrc (bug #171083)
- fixed build on amd64/gcc-4.0 (bug #300227)
- unset Keep Transparency from Color to Alpha plug-in.
- fixed crash caused by Histogram dockable in RGB mode (bug #170116)
- fixed statusbar display for negative moves (bug #171497)
- fixed a couple of problems in the BMP plug-in (bug #171306, bug #171453
and bug #171562)
- fixed bug in Resize dialog if previews are turned off (bug #171827)
- fixed disappearing previews in Rotate Colormap plug-in (bug #172284)
- fixed deletion of fractals in Fractal Explorer plug-in (bug #172347)
- fixed preview in Deinterlace plug-in (bug #172589)
- fixed crashes on exit in some locales (bug #172581)
- fixed installation directories for message catalogs (bug #169274)
- handle deletion of layers and channels that have a floating selection
attached (bug #168582)
- plugged some smaller memory leaks
- fixed preview in Gaussian Blur plug-in for zero radii (bug #173039)
- fixed a couple of problems in the Winicon plug-in
- fixed bug in GIF loader that was triggered with a broken GIF (bug #173119)
- fixed crash in Ink tool (bug #164272)
- let the text tool remember the last-used font (bug #171024)
- quote the print command used in the Print plug-in (bug #169909)


Pour Windows:
(Installez GTK 2.6.4 puis Gimp 2.2.6)

Vala, vous n'avez plus qu'à tester et adopter sourit
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Joined: 06 Apr 2002
Posts: 9962

PostPosted: Friday 14 April 2006 09:18:23 Reply with quoteBack to top

Gimp 2.2.11 et Gimp 2.3.8 Out

The Gimp 2.2.11:

Nouvelle version 'bug fixes' pour Gimp.

Allez, on rattrape le retard:

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.11

- fixed handling of EXIF data in JPEG plug-in (bug #303383)
- let gimptool use pkg-config to determine compiler and linker flags at
run-time (bug #324761)
- added GTK+ category in gimp.desktop file (bug #328012)
- fixed guides scripts to allow guides at the right and bottom (bug #328320)
- fixed icons in color picker buttons in Levels tool (bug #325745)
- fixed parameter check in Compressor plug-in
- made the internal help browser the default for all platforms (bug #329888)
- fixed handling of alpha channel in Gaussian Blur plug-in (bug #331051)
- fixed incorrect bitshifts in Win Icon plug-in (bug #330692)
- fixed a potential crash in the Animation Playback plug-in (bug #328919)
- corrected tile cache size in Unsharp Mask plug-in (bug #331344)
- fixed the import of SVG circles
- fixed rounding of resolution in BMP plug-in (bug #332501)
- fixed resolution handling in PSD load plug-in
- store resolution when saving in the PSD file format (bug #310426)
- fixed crash in Revert function (bug #333568)
- flush the projection before reading from it (bug #332933)
- fixed MMX instructions on Pentium II machines (bug #162778)
- fixed possible crash on closing a dockable (bug #338286)

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.10

- fixed build error on Sun C compiler (bug #319811)
- fixed issue with Guides scripts (bug #320933)
- corrected selection display problem (bug #319029)
- fixed potential wget issue (bug #322977)
- fixed non-interactive use of gimp-edit-stroke (bug #323778)
- fixed Script-Fu crash in some locales such as Chinese (bug #163212)
- fixed build of librsvg plug-in (bug #314400)
- fixed parameter type in "plug-in-unsharp-mask" procedure (bug #325007).

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.9

- fixed minor problem in JPEG plug-in (bug #309091)
- allow to disable build of gtkhtml2, svg, and lcms features (bug #307704)
- fixed bug in Imagemap plug-in (bug #169698)
- handle PSD files with untitled channels (bug #312963)
- fixed build of MMX/SSE assembly code on gcc 4.0 (bug #308412)
- fixed crash in image preview code (bug #312144)
- fixed redraw of previews in Rotate Colormap plug-in (bug #172284)
- fixed redraw of previews in Filterpack plug-in (bug #160032)
- cross-compilation fixes and build fixes for Cygwin (bug #314893)
- fixed character placement in Text Circle script (bug #144588)
- made GIMP more robust against strange characters in directory names
- fixed minor issue in Dicom plug-in (bug #313008)
- deal with API change in librsvg >= 2.11.0 (bug #314400)
- fixed bug in ellipse selection (bug #315417)
- fixed build issue on Cygwin (bug #314893)
- fixed problem in ellipse selection (bug #315417)
- ease closing of iscissors outline (bug #134250)
- fixed handling of Tab key if NumLock is active (bug #317118)
- fixed problem with random number generator in QBist plug-in (bug #317355)
- raise palettes grid instead of creating a new one (bug #317435)
- fixed problem with environment maps in Lighting plug-in (bug #313872)
- fixed Gaussian Blur for small radii (bug #315953)
- fixed Select By Color tool on grayscale layers (bug #319683)

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.8

- fixed possible crash in plug-ins-query PDB function
- fixes to Script-Fu server mode on Win32
- fixed possible crash in win32 gimptool variant
- plugged a tiny memleak in the image display code
- plugged a tiny memleak in libgimpwidgets
- attempt to fix calling the web-browser on win32 (bug #171200)
- fixed loading of images in help-browser plug-in on win32
- fixed zoom offsets if dot-for-dot mode is disabled (bug #306476)
- fixes to Gfig parasite loading
- disabled buggy gimprc option stingy-memory-use (bug #306617)
- don't try to create a preview for a non-existant image file (bug #307672)
- fixed bug in Retinex plug-in (bug #157915)
- fixed bug in Newsprint plug-in (bug #161573)
- fixed bug in Shift plug-in (bug #308748)
- fixed bug in Grid plug-in (bug #308754)

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.7

- update layer previews on colormap changes (bug #301033)
- fixed loading of text layers from XCF files (bug #301028)
- when loading a PDF, honor CropBox over MediaBox (bug #301432)
- fixed incompatibility of GimpIntStore with GTK+ 2.6 (bug #301524)
- fixed navigation popup in plug-in previews (bug #301523)
- fixed handling of compression types in TIFF plug-in (bug #301557)
- fixed bug in Lighting Effects plug-in (bug #302075)
- fixed focus issues in message dialogs (bug #302400)
- fixed bug in SSE2 assembly for Lighten Only layer mode (bug #164061)
- fixed resize-window-on-zoom feature (bug #164281)
- corrected upper limit of tile-cache-size (bug #303371)

The Gimp 2.3.8:

Version de développement de The Gimp, elle montre ce que sera la prochaine version 2.4.0

On y trouve un certain nombre de progrès au niveau des outils existant, de la rapidité du soft, ainsi que de nouveaux filtres.

Changes in GIMP 2.3.8

- added new tile primitive Triangle to Mosaic plug-in
- speed up Gaussian Blur plug-in
- suppress redundant progress updates from plug-ins
- changed some gimprc and sessionrc default values (window hints,
fullscreen mode)
- do not focus transform tool dialogs on map
- renamed Magnify tool to Zoom tool and added some missing tool shortcuts
- added a submenu with recently used plug-ins to the Filters menu
- fixed look-up table used for Contrast adjustments
- improved the user interface of the Animation Playback plug-in
- added framework for describing menu entries in the statusbar
- added lots of helpful blurbs to procedures and core actions
- remove color from the Watercolor selector if Shift is being pressed
- ported PDB internals to GParamSpec and GValue
- speedup and UI improvements for the SIOX tool
- added parasite getters and settors for vectors
- made PSD load and save plug-ins 64bit clean
- some string review
- ported ellipse select tool to the new rectangle tool
- added basic support for layer masks to the PSD save plug-in
- avoid relocations by declaring more data as const
- new application icons in more sizes and as a SVG
- provide script-specific samples instead of hard-coding "Aa" for font preview
- build the Screenshot plug-in on all platforms
- allow to discard invisible layers when merging visible layers
- nicer output from gimp-procedural-db-dump
- bug fixes and code cleanup

C'est toujours disponible sur http://www.gimp.org
Et pour les utilisateurs sous Windows:
(La nouvelle version n'est pas encore disponible à l'heure à laquelle j'écris ces lignes.)

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Joined: 14 Apr 2006
Posts: 13

PostPosted: Friday 14 April 2006 20:19:08 Reply with quoteBack to top

Merci de me rappeler ce logiciel!!!

Je met a jour de suite!

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Joined: 06 Apr 2002
Posts: 9962

PostPosted: Saturday 15 April 2006 13:50:52 Reply with quoteBack to top

D'autant plus que la version pour windows est désormais disponible
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Joined: 06 Apr 2002
Posts: 9962

PostPosted: Saturday 26 August 2006 10:01:45 Reply with quoteBack to top

Gimp 2.2.13 Out

Encore des corrections de bugs.

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.13

- avoid endless looping when loading a corrupt XCF file (bug #345802)
- fixed regression in file dialogs (bug #347544)
- fixed right-to-left layout in layers dialog (bug #348347)
- avoid a crash when loading a corrupt gradient file (bug #349996)
- fixed segfault in Warp plug-in on 64bit architectures (bug #327479)
- fixed crash in GimpDrawablePreview (bug #350760)
- fixed error in Winicon load plug-in (bug #172503)
- fixed errors in Autocrop plug-in (bug #337888)
- fixed compile errors in regression tests on OS X (bug #352221)
- fixed regression in Gaussian Blur plug-in (bug #343047)
- fixed crash when opening an RGB image in an indexed image (bug #345051)
- fixed a possible crash in the Save dialog (bug #329001)
- fixed Lighten Only layer mode on SSE2 platforms (bug #164061)
- work with newer versions of autoconf
- protect against bogus values returned from GDK (bug #340056)
- fixed handling of indexed images in the Winicon save plug-in (bug #342883)

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.12

- fixed display problem in the Animation Playback plug-in (bug #338378)
- fixed misbehaviour of the user installation dialog (bug #324254)
- make sure that session-managed windows are mapped completely inside a
monitor (bug #339099, bug #324254)
- don't use long deprecated libpng API (bug #339402)
- fixed possible segfault when closing image while saving it (bug #322978)
- halt tools when the image mode changes (bug #330083)
- fixed problem in Scale and Resize widgets (bug #336259)
- fixed wrong offset in transform PDB functions (bug #342548)
- fixed bugs in the Dicom load plug-in (bug #163256)
- make sure text widgets get all key events first (bug #301006)
- fixed problems with default values in the PNG save plug-in (bug #343284)
- fixed Save As dialog not displaying the filename (bug #343284)
- fixed compilation problem with gcc 4.1 (bug #345473)
- plugged a possible buffer overrun in the XCF parser (bug #346742)
- don't save image parasites twice in XCF files (bug #346754)

J'ajouterais que cet été était disponible le hors-série de Linux Mag consacré à The Gimp, comme chaque année.
Certains des sujets traités étaient particulièrement intéressant, comme l'article traitant de la modification d'un APN pour prendre des photos dans l'infrarouge. Ce hors série est complet, et est encore disponible en kiosque à l'heure où j'écris ces lignes.


Parmis les sujets abordés, une description des fonctionnalités de la prochaine version 2.4, actuellement en cours de finalisation.
Parmis les grosses nouveautés, une refonte du jeu d'icônes, et une amélioration du système de sélection.
Petit sceenshot de la version 2.3.10:

Ainsi que le nouveau logo:

Pour télécharger la dernière version disponible pour Windows:
Installer GTK2, puis The Gimp.

Le site officiel de The Gimp:
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Joined: 06 Apr 2002
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PostPosted: Friday 26 October 2007 20:40:45 Reply with quoteBack to top

Sortie de la version 2.4.0...

pas le temps d'en faire une news pour le moment, mais ça sera pour plus tard.

Plus d'infos ici sur les nouveautés:

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Joined: 22 Feb 2004
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Location: Namur, Belgique

PostPosted: Saturday 27 October 2007 04:34:45 Reply with quoteBack to top

Salut BM,

Apparement le GTK est dans l'install maintenant .. sympa !


++ Néo

L'aide de nxtvepg pour K!TV : http://www.nxtvepg-kastortv.org/
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